District seats are going up for grabs

FOR the first time, all councillors at West Lindsey District Council will be up for election.

The authority has always been elected in thirds, but in an effort to cut costs there will now be one election every four years – starting with voters going to the polls on May 5.

People will also be asked to vote in a referendum on whether to change the voting system from the current ‘first past the post’ system to an alternative vote election method.

If given the go-ahead, under the alternative vote system, voters will still be electing just one candidate associated with one geographic constituency.

Instead of simply voting for one candidate choice on the ballot paper, the voter would instead rank one or more of the candidates in order of preference.

If, after first preferences have been counted, no one candidate has a majority of the votes cast, then the bottom candidate will be eliminated and their next available preference will be redistributed accordingly.

The process continues repeatedly until one candidate reaches a majority and wins.