Digging in to save Gardeners’ Fair

TWO Gardeners’ Fair events will take place in Market Rasen’s Market Place this summer it was announced by the town council last week.

This will be on top of the new Market Rasen Country Festival, organised by the Market Rasen Development Trust, and to be held at the racecourse on Saturday, May 21.

Mayor Brian Ricahrdson announced at last Wednesday’s town council meeting: “Market Rasen Town Council, in conjunction with regular Gardeners Fair traders, voluntary organisations, the Gardening Club and other interested parties, will be continuing the traditional Market Place based Gardeners’ Fair.

“This year we will hold two events, the first on Saturday, June 4, and the second, a larger event, on Saturday, July 30, in conjunction with Open Gardens and alongside the Flower Clubs Annual Show that will take place in the Festival Hall on the same day.”

He added: “It’s a good, interesting and very worthwhile event. Those who attend the Market are very much in favour of the Gardeners’ Fair also.”

The event also gained the backing of Laurie Povey of the Rotary Club of Market Rasen and Derek Anderson, of the Market Rasen Gardening Club and chairman of the 2010 Gardeners’ Fair.

Mr Povey said: “Representing the Rotary Club of Market Rasen, first of all we would be interested in helping to organise an open gardens and organise a gardeners’ fair as long as it was based in the centre of town.

“We were very dismayed that the Gardeners’ Fair was moving out of town and would like to continue it like in previous years.”

There will now be a meeting held on Thursday, February 17, at the Festival Hall to form a committee of interested parties to organise the Gardeners’ Fair.