Derelict buildings to become ‘residential units’ in Rothwell

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More details have been revealed about the conversion of derelict farm buildings into residential units in Rothwell.

WLDC approved the plans, submitted by Mr Booth and Mrs Rafferty, in March 2016.

They were given permission to convert derelict farm buildings into three residential units.

The site for the development is Villa Barns, in Partridge Drive, Rothwell.

Now the applicants have submitted a second application with more details about how they intend to convert the barns.

Supporting paperwork states: “This application follows a previous approval for the conversion of these barns into four new dwellings.

“Following this approval the site was sold to Mrs Rafferty & Mr Booth.

“As the applicants wish to live here and make this their lifetime ‘dream’ home, all materials and methods of working will be of the best quality and suitable for these buildings.”

• Lincolnshire Wolds Countryside Service has raised concerns about disposal of surface water into the chalk stream which runs near the site.