Councillors can now be caught on camera

Louth to host it's first Triathlon event.
Louth to host it's first Triathlon event.

New rules allowing the press and the public to film, record, blog and tweet at council meetings are expected to have little difference, say town and district councillors.

The government has introduced the changes to bring reporting of local government into the 21st century, allowing the use of modern technology.

West Lindsey District Council says it already allows this and unlike other councils this had never been an issue.

District councillor, blogger and tweeter Giles McNeill said the change would make little difference to some council meetings as the media rarely attend them, but it will allow more people to be “part of the conversation.”

Coun McNeill expected the changes would see some of the public join him in tweeting from council meetings.

“It will only be on the hot and contentious topics where people will want to record a meeting,” he said, citing planning meetings.

Coun Steve Bunney of Market Rasen Town Council said his council has no problem with the press and public blogging at its meetings as “they are part of modern life.”

But the council is concerned about councillors doing these things at meetings.

“Part of our standing orders is councillors are fully engaged in debate and not on electronic devices,” he said.

The new rules also gave the press greater rights to council information.