Councillor hits out at ‘cheeky’ North Lincs

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“THEY have a cheek,” long-serving town councillor Penny Smith told the chamber at the monthly meeting of Brigg Town Council.

She was referring to an enquiry from North Lincolnshire Council regarding the possibility of the town council providing a financial contribution towards the future maintenance costs of the footpath from the end of Station Road to connect with Brigg Railway Station.

“I suggest the upper limit of our contribution be £0 and 0 pence. They have a cheek,” she declared.

Councillors were unanimous in their agreement.

It was not the only footpath under focus at the meeting.

Footpath 283 at the rear of St James Road, as it goes through the estate before the start of the route to Wrawby, is becoming overgrown and lacking maintenance.

The Public Rights of Way had been in correspondence regarding the maintenance needs and in consideration of the further possible option to close the path.

Coun Ann Eardley recalled the same issue being discussed 20 years ago, when the town council strongly opposed closure.

“This path is used by both residents and ramblers,” she said.

One issue is vegetation being thrown onto it and overgrowing it from gardens.

Council agreed to consult with local residents as to their present views, and with Tony Parker their own footpath warden.