Council tax could be on the rise this year

Your council tax could be on the rise this year.
Your council tax could be on the rise this year.

Anticipated rises in council tax bills across West Lindsey are likely to put an even bigger squeeze on households in 2018.

It is likely that many - but not all - parish, town, district and county councils will struggle to avoid an increase in their share of council tax bills.

Lincolnshire Police also look set to raise additional funding from tax-payers.

Although councils are still finalising their plans, there is speculation the bill for an average ‘Band D’ property in Lincolnshire could increase by more than £60.

West Lindsey District Council is currently in discussion regarding its 2018/19 precept.

A district council spokeswoman said it was too early to say if its share of tax bills would increase.

In 2016/17, Market Rasen Town Council set its precept at £106,406.87.

At a full town council meeting in December, Rasen mayor Coun John Matthews revealed they are asking WLDC for a precept of £115,000 in 2018/19, a 5% increase.

That increase, though, does not necessarily translate to a 5% increase in the town council’s share of tax bills.

Larger authorities - like the county council - have been hit by yet more cuts in Government funding.

With inflation running at more than three per cent and prices rising across the board, a potential hike in council tax is probably the last thing families want to hear.

At the same time, authorities admit they could be forced to cut even frontline services in a bid to balance the books.

The largest share of tax bills is made up by county and district ‘levies.’

The percentage increase Lincolnshire County Council - and WLDC - can impose is capped by Government legislation.

The County Council can add an additional increase, provided it relates to funding for social care.

The County Council has indicated it plans to raise its share of bills by the maximum figure. As for cuts, the spotlight could fall on services like transport with the authority looking to save £22m.

Green waste collection charges will also come into force in West Lindsey from April 2018 for the first time ever, with those who sign up paying £35 per bin, per year.