Council’s set to get spending

BRIGG area residents will have little increase in council tax for North Lincolnshire Council services for the second year running.

The authority announced it was planning major investment as the 2012-13 budget was set, followed by a four-year budget and priorities for 2012 to 2016.

Investment included in the capital programme is for the provision of £5m to improve school buildings and £1.2m to create a children’s campus to replace existing children’s homes.

Over the next four years, revenue funding has been put in place for £920,000 for a brand new apprenticeship scheme to provide 120 apprenticeship places, £440,000 to develop a rural youth initiative and £430,000 extra funding for youth activities,

There will be extra funding of £1.5m for rural transport and highways, £160,000 to continue rail concessionary fares and £875,000 on crime prevention.

Additional community grants brings the total to £2m.

The scheme for reduced cost of student travel passes will continue, as will free parking in Brigg and free swimming sessions.

Brigg-area residents will now face no real increase in their council tax, as Brigg Town Council as well as North Lincolnshire plan no increases.

Full details can be found by visiting the council tax pages on the North Lincolnshire Council website.

Indicative council tax increases for the following three years are 1.75 per cent, 1.75 per cent and 1.4 per cent.