Council’s £30k plan for Chapel pathway

TRAFFIC on a busy road in Market Rasen is being reduced to one lane so a footpath can be put in to make the route safer for pedestrians.

West Lindsey council is spending up to £30,000 on a new footpath under the Chapel Street railway bridge so people walking between Tesco and Market Rasen town centre do not have to cross the road – at the moment there is just one path on the opposite side of the road.

But in order to make space for the path the council is narrowing the road so there is only one lane of traffic with a priority system.

The new road layout will be completed by the end of March next year – but a date for the work has not yet been set.

The new path is part of a £50,000 project of “environmental enhancement measures” between Tesco and Market Rasen town centre – the supermarket giant agreed to give this money to West Lindsey council after it got planning permission to open the Market Rasen store in 2006.

West Lindsey council’s development contributions officer Nick Ethelstone said: “The aim of the money is to improve the pedestrian link between Tesco and the town centre. By providing a footpath under the railway bridge pedestrians will be able to safely travel between the two using Chapel Street and Union Street.”

Lincolnshire County Council spent £2,500 on an urban study looking at existing links between Tesco and the town centre and highlighted areas that could be improved.

Other work in Chapel Street and Union Street could include new street lighting, paving, planting, signage and street furniture such as benches, phone boxes and memorials.

Mr Ethelstone said: “Recent discussions between WLDC, Lincolnshire County Council and Market Rasen Town Council have identified a scheme of works within the highway on Chapel Street.

“The total cost of these works is £30,000 which involves constructing a footpath under the railway bridge on Chapel Street. To accommodate the footpath the roadway will be reduced to one lane with a priority traffic arrangement introduced. The works are scheduled to be carried out in this financial year.”

Between £4,000 and £5,000 has been set aside to repair and replace the metal raising around the memorial on Chapel Street.

The railings will be returned to their original state and match the remaining railings outside of the Methodist chapel.

Mr Ethelstone said: “Any further works will be agreed with Market Rasen Town Council in order to deliver the maximum environmental enhancements.’’