Council reduces precept

Brigg EMN-150211-234656001
Brigg EMN-150211-234656001

Brigg Town Council has set a precept of £115,500 for 2016-17, 20 per centless than the 2015-16 precept of £143,000.

Much of the council tax charged to householders is taken up with North Lincolnshire and police budgets, but the average cost per household for the services of the town council will fall from £81.35 to £65.14, based on a Band D property.

Much of the reduction comes from a cut in administration costs.

Money was also set aside for the production of the Neighbourhood Plan in the previous budget – money no longer needed, now the plan is complete.

Funds are earmarked for the Holocaust Memorial in the Angel Courtyard, which will be improved and repaired.

This will mean extra expenditure, as will any initiatives relating to Brigg in Bloom.

There was good news for local groups in the budget, with money for donations and grants increased from £2,000 to £10,000, to encourage development of new initiatives.