Council plan may end Market Place parking

What is the future of market place parking? EMN-150331-122625001
What is the future of market place parking? EMN-150331-122625001

Market Rasen Town Council has unveiled its proposals for the future of the Market Place - but says nothing will change without residents’ approval.

Coun Steve Bunney, a member of the town’s Market Forum, told the Rasen Mail the council wants the historic Market Place to be used as “a meeting place and a trading place”.

But he says at the moment the area is often blocked by parked cars from very early on in the day - with many people parking there and then getting the bus into Lincoln.

The options include stopping all parking on the Market Place to create a large recreation area.

Coun Bunney said: “We think that’s possibly not the best solution because there are people who need to park there because they live in flats near by.”

Another option is to have a ‘horseshoe’ around the centre with parking outside of shops. People who live in the area could be given parking permits, said Coun Bunney.

This would create a smaller recreation area in the middle.

Coun Bunney said: “It could be that the area cordoned off doesn’t go right across and leaves space for parking at the side or back.

“One option is to have car parking on one side - not right the way round

“Leaving it as it is is also an option, if that’s what people want.

“The main issue is we want to use the Market Place as a meeting place and a trading place.”

Coun Bunney stressed that the council would never adopt a solution that would restrict deliveries to shops or emergency access.

And he said the council would never go ahead with anything that residents did not want.

He said: “It’s really important that people share their comments so we can work out what the majority of people would like to see happen.

“This has been on the agenda for a long time - it’s now a priority of the council.”

He added: “We need to be very careful to remember the high street and how we can help the shop keepers and how we can get people to move up the high street.

“We’re making it clear on the Market Place we’ve got many other things to see.”

The council is encouraging residents to share their comments with councillors at the town’s Love Lincolnshire market on Saturday, 
May 2.

Alternatively, you can hand in letters at the Market Rasen Town Council office at the Old Police Station in Dear Street.