Council concern over dog attacks

A SPATE of dog attacks in the Gordon Field area was concerning members of Market Rasen Town Council when they met last week.

The Market Rasen Mail reported on the deaths of a number of cats, blamed on dogs, last year and last week our readers’ letters again raised the issue following a new spate of incidents.

Coun Janye Sankey said: “Owners of the dogs just let their animals out at 5am every morning and they are allowed to run loose. Is there not a dog warden?

“There have been a number of cats killed and it is causing a lot of concerns for residents.”

The council heard the police could not do anything because no human had been injured.

District councillor Burt Keimach said: “It is the old bromide that the police cannot get involved until there has been an incident involving a human, but if the dog is loose and caught and taken to the dog warden it will cost the owner £70 per dog.”

Coun Burt Keimach also told town councillors that Market Rasen’s pigeon problem will soon be solved as Lincolnshire County Council has now been given permission by Network Rail to erect spikes under the town’s three railway bridges and to spray the underneath with a repellent gel.

Coun Keimach again told councillors that West Lindsey had a “great deal of money available” and was looking to the council to put forward four or five projects for Market Rasen at a forthcoming meeting between town council members and West Lindsey chief executive Manjit Gill.

He said: “I do not see why any reasonable project could not be funded by us. It’s your money, let’s put it back into the community.

“This is district-wide money – other parishes can bid for it – but my first priority is Market Rasen.”

Coun Keimach also told members that following a review by the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, Market Rasen will be joined with Middle Rasen, but will still have three representatives at West Lindsey, so little will change.

The Yarborough ward, which incorporates Keelby and the area north of Caistor, will be abolished though and will come under the Caistor ward, which will still only have two councillors.

It was also reported that the town council will take over maintenance of the town’s cemeteries and will have to raise the cost of a burial from £130 to £600 to bring it in line with the national average.