Council battling to raise cash for skate park bid

Mill Road skate park - pictured here before the ramps (background) were taken down EMN-170417-155954001
Mill Road skate park - pictured here before the ramps (background) were taken down EMN-170417-155954001

Market Rasen councillors are trying to secure funding to rebuild the town’s skate park but warn they cannot afford to spend the bulk of their reserves on the project.

Speaking at this month’s town council meeting, Coun Stephen Bunney said the issue of funding ‘should not stop us replacing the skate park as soon as possible’.

He added: “Unfortunately, town council reserves are not large enough to rebuild the skate park immediately.

“This should not stop us working towards replacing the facility as soon as possible.

“We are currently looking towards grant funding but as yet, have not identified anything suitable.

“ We have two meetings on the matter coming up - so fingers crossed.

“We are also seeking a meeting with WLDC to discuss the possibility of incorporating a skate park into their current project to replace the sports centre at De Aston with a new build.”

Mayor, Coun John Matthews said the town council’s reserves needed to be retained for match funding or any damage to the Festival Hall roof.

He also welcomed any public contribution to fundraising efforts.

Coun Matthews said: “The council does have some £80k in reserves.

“We own the Festival Hall, a 50-year-old building with a roof made of questionable material, and should anything happen we would be liable to repair it, hence the need for reserves.

“We could just about afford to build a new skate park - but then would have no reserves.

“In applying for funding for the hall, some grants require match funding - so we need to keep some cash.

“In an ideal world, we would be granted a huge amount of money from the 
Lottery to refurbish the hall – and then we could develop the park. But we don’t live in an ideal world.”

“If the public wish to form a fundraising group specifically for the skate park, I and the council would happily endorse it.

“£80k is a lot of money and every little helps.”