Council attempts to save services

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MARKET Rasen Town Council is launching a bid to save the registration office from complete closure.

The town’s former registration office at 20 King Street has already closed and Lincolnshire County Council, which runs the service, has put the building up for sale in an effort to increase its capital revenue.

Registration services are currently available on a Wednesday from the West Lindsey District Council satellite office at The Festival Hall, but the county council propose to stop this too.

This would mean people would have to travel to Louth, Lincoln or Gainsborough to register a birth, marriage or death.

But town councillors are now writing to the county council to offer space for the registration service in one of its buildings, possibly the Old Police Station.

Deputy mayor Steve Bunney said: “It is an erosion of the services in the town.

“There are people in the town who do not have easy access to transport and public transport is not always easy to access.

“I think we should be saying we are totally against the closure and I think we should also say we will be very willing to help this service find a location in the town.

“We want to do the best we can to keep it.”

Coun Linda Bowen added: “It’s a service that when you need it you really value it locally.

“I saw this in the Rasen Mail and I just thought why did the county council not come to us, if they are looking for office space we have the Old Police Station.”

What do you think? Should the town’s registration office be saved?

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