Council accused of election blunders

Laura Kaye EMN-150705-140440001
Laura Kaye EMN-150705-140440001

West Lindsey District Council has been accused of a “gobsmacking” mix up over election candidates and failing to send postal vote papers in time.

Hugh Nott says staff at Tealby polling station mistakenly told him he could choose just one WLDC candidate when he went vote at 9.15am on Thursday.

He said: “I pointed out that that was wrong and there should be 3 ‘x’. They checked and agreed I was correct. Everyone who had voted between 7am and 9.15am had been told to place just one x. I have reported this to the returning officer at WLDC who was “gobsmacked” and said they would phone the supervisors.”

South Kelsey student Laura Kaye who is at university in Spain, says she was denied the chance to vote because WLDC failed to send her papers in time - despite requesting a postal vote back in March.

Laura had been looking forward to voting for the first time and said: “For me this is the equivalent of being refused the freedom of speech.”

A WLDC spokesman said: “WLDC issued 14,040 postal votes for the elections and a total of 11,269 were returned to be processed.

“All forms were sent out as soon as was practicably reasonably, following the close of nominations.

“(Regarding Tealby) We are satisfied that the process was carried out correctly.

“Voters were asked to do one for the parliamentary and three for the district council.”