Controversial “inquisitor” rises again and mulls stay

Geoff Wiseman EMN-140522-133849001
Geoff Wiseman EMN-140522-133849001

Controversial Middle Rasen councillor Geoff Wiseman has bounced back with a plum council role and says he may stand again.

Two years ago Coun Wiseman was suspended from West Lindsay District Council for four months after he said a council official should be strung from “the nearest tree.”

He claimed “a lack of support” from fellow Conservative councillors at the time and he became an Independent.

But last week, the Gainsborough resident was made one of two vice-chairs of the council’s Challenge and Improvement Committee.

Coun Wiseman was elected to the role at the council’s Annual Meeting after being approached by council leader Jeff Summers.

Coun Summers said Coun Wiseman’s suspension “is history now” and the challenging role of the committee suited Coun Wiseman.

“He will scrutinise to a far greater degree than other councillors.”

Coun Summers also noted committee chair Coun Paul Howitt-Cowan is Conservative and its second vice-chair, Coun Nigel Bowler is Labour. He said both men were “level-headed” and the committee also needed two vice-chairs to share the workload.

Coun Wiseman said he gained the vice-chair role as he had kept his head down and had done “a good job” as a councillor.

“If things need to be challenged, I challenge them. I have a very inquisitive and challenging mind.”

The anti-EU councillor added he “might be changing his mind” about standing again in 2015, saying he won’t return to the Conservatives, but as UKIP has “no policies” it would be as an “Independent.”

“All I want is for the council to run well, which it does to some extent.”