Clerk’s desperate plea for more parish councillors

A council clerk has made an urgent plea for would-be councillors to come forward after running with just six people for the past year.

North Kelsey Parish Council should have nine councillors - but despite clerk Mary Williams’ best efforts no-one seems interested in filling the other three seats.

Mrs Williams said the council could apply to reduce its number of seats by two - but in the long-term it cannot exist with fewer than seven councillors.

She said: “We desperately need more councillors.

“We need you and the village needs you.

“You can only help to make the village better.

“Councillors can make a difference - your views count.

“Councillors are responsible for the parish council’s precept, to make sure the money’s spent properly.

“And it’s a matter of making sure everything in the village is okay even down to what signs need replacing.

“We need people with different skills. Five people can’t do everything.

“We need people from all from different walks of life.

“An people who are going to come in with enthusiasm.

“At the moment we have no-one to represent what’s happening in schools.”

If North Kelsey Parish Council cannot find any more councillors to co-opt then West Lindsey District Council could make the parish hold an election in another attempt to attract councillors.

But Mrs Williams has warned an election would cost the parish council about £2,000 - an expense it wishes to avoid.

There are 830 people on the electoral register in North Kelsey.

For more information about becoming a councillor and the co-option process call Mary Williams on 01652 678420.