Cash is available, but will it be heading to Rasen?

MARKET Rasen is in line for a share of £1.25milion worth of funding made available by West Lindsey District Council.

But town councillors are disappointed that the sum if “way, way lower than the money made available for the pool”.

The district council approved its new budget this week and allocated £1.25million to a community fund, which parish and town councils across the district will be able to bid for in order to carry out projects.

Each district councillor will also have £4,000 available to them over the next two years to award to community projects in their ward.

This will see an extra £8,000 spent in Market Rasen.

Announcing the new community fund last week, WLDC leader Coun Burt Keimach told town councillors: “We are looking at a community fund of £1.25million, that’s this year, next year there will be slightly more perhaps.”

But Market Rasen mayor Brian Richardson questioned whether the town would see much of the money.

He said: “This is way way lower than the money available for the pool and I guess it goes across the district, so unless I’m wrong I’m thinking we will only get a small amount of that?”

Coun Keimach said: “Well no you’re not totally wrong in thinking that, but this is just the first year and you can make a bid with the supporting evidence for that case and get funding.

“I think it is a good way to start. I think next year we will be able to add to that. It is possible you could get half that money or more.”

Coun Keimach also told town councillors that the district council were looking to provide a regular bus service to the Meridian Centre in Louth and also resurrect the Market Rasen to Gainsborough bus service.

He also confirmed that the pigeon problem under the town’s railway bridge will be dealt with.

Mr Keimach added: “It will cost between £4-5,000, if we cannot find the money in the budget I will give my entire councillor initiative fund to it, it will be done sooner or later.”

West Lindsey’s new budget has found praise on a national level and following the council’s announcement that taxes will not rise, services will be protected and no redundancies will be made, Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor Eric Pickles have shown an interest in visiting the district in April.