Can you do better than Spready Mercury? Help name Lincolnshire’s newest gritters

Name the gritters for Lincolnshire County Council. EMN-181130-095817001
Name the gritters for Lincolnshire County Council. EMN-181130-095817001

Can you come up with something to rival Spread-ie Mercury or Basil Salty, as adopted by authorities for gritters in other parts of the country?

The county council is inviting people to help name its four biggest and newest gritters - known as The Beasts. Over the next two weeks you can put your ideas forward, after which the best will be selected by the authority.

Coun Clio Perraton- Williams, Executive Support Councillor for Highways, said: “A number of counties have already come up with some great names for their gritters, but we’re sure Lincolnshire can do better.

“We’re looking for something creative and original – Gritty McGritface just isn’t going to cut it.

“And you’ll get extra points if can come with something Lincolnshire-related, like Al-Spread Lord Tennyson, Mar-Grit Thatcher or Danny Plough-ley.

“You can share your suggestions with us on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #WittyGritty but you’ll need to get them in by midday on Friday December 14.”

You can find the county council @LincolnshireCC on Twitter and at on Facebook.

The county’s gritting team is also introducing a new mixture to help the salt stick to the road and create a barrier between it and the ice to make it easier to remove.

Treating roads with liquid helps the salt stick.

The authority has already used a brine solution which helps to improve effectiveness and reduce the amount of salt getting into the water system and polluting nearby vegetation, but now the gritters will be trialling making the salt stick even better by adding molasses.

Darrell Redford, network resilience manager, said: “With some of our gritting equipment coming to the end of its life, we’ve decided to take a different approach to treating the roads, as opposed to replacing like-for-like. So we are now using a brown salt that is pre-treated with molasses. Not only does this offer better value for money, but it also cuts through snow and ice more effectively, making it a win-win.”

Used in some states in America, one expert said: “It’s like putting Coca-Cola down. It’s sugar and it’s sticky.”

Another state in the US uses cheese brine — a liquid mixture used in the process of making cheese that it gets from a local dairy. It reduced the amount of salt needed on the roads and the costs.

Brines are more effective in lower temperatures.