Calls to tackle ‘racetrack’ road

Caistor Town Council is calling on the police to tackle speeding in a local road described by many as a ‘racetrack’.

The move comes after a speed indicator device (SID) in Navigation Lane caught more than 600 vehicles going faster than 40mph in just three weeks.

Incredibly, six vehicles were caught doing speeds of 60mph or more in the 30mph 

Caistor mayor Carol Mackenzie said: “We will be calling for the police to monitor it and put speed cameras in place.

“It’s no good having devices to record this if they’re not followed up.

“People talk about Navigation Lane as being a racetrack.

“We wanted the SID to give some concrete facts so if possible we can encourage the police to monitor the road at the times people are 

At Caistor Town Council’s monthly meeting in the town hall on September 10, councillors agreed action must be taken.

It was decided that town clerk Helen Pitman would send the statistics to West Lindsey’s Inspector Simon Outen so he could take enforcement 

Speaking after the meeting, Coun Mackenzie said: “Let’s hope it proves to be 

“The results are pretty much what we thought they would 

“Hopefully we can prevent people speeding.

“People need to realise that these speed recorders give us facts that we will act 

“I hope people realise it’s not just flashing their speed - it is recording details and 

The SID is now in North Kelsey Road, where it will spend three weeks before being moved to Brigg Road.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spokesman John Siddle said: “The neighbourhood policing team (NPT) is working with the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership to lower some of the high speeds through some direct 

“We will continue to monitor that area, and potentially carry out further surveys and more targeted 

“On the strength of the information gathered from the SID and provided by the town council, we’re able to put in place some local enforcement by the neighbourhood policing team to deter these people who clearly have disregard for the speed limit and safety of residents in the 

“We hope as a result of the enforcement drivers will comply with the speed limit and make the area safer for everybody.”

Mr Siddle said officers wanted to take action over speeding before any incident happens.

And he raised concerns about vulnerable people, such as children.

He said: “As far as we’re concerned we’re taking direct action - we don’t want to be called there because there has been an incident.

“We recognise there’s a potential for having children crossing the road - we’re mindful there’s some vulnerable people in that 

“We want to take preventative measures.”

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