Call for more police to help fight against crime

ENFORCEMENT orders to improve the state of the town’s buildings, a crackdown on vandalism and the town’s Christmas lights were the main topics raised by the public at Market Rasen’s AGM.

Only 11 members of the public turned out to the annual town meeting last Wednesday, but they put forward numerous ideas on how Rasen can be improved over the coming year.

Areas that are “eyesores” were listed by parishioners and in turn were told by town Coun Ken Bridger that West Lindsey District Council has sent enforcement letters to the owners of 24 properties in Market Rasen, primarily in Queen Street, Kings Street and Waterloo Street.

It was reported that some of the properties had already had repairs made following the enforcement notices and that the new town council will continue to work with the district council after the May election to improve the state of the town through enforcement.

Councillors also reported that the pigeon problem under the town’s three railway bridges will soon be tackled with the erection of specialist netting. A request was also made by a parishioner to paint the bridge in Waterloo Street.

A resident also asked councillors what had happened to the town’s Christmas lights, which were nowhere to be seen over the last festive period.

He said: “In Caistor you can see them all over the place, Market Rasen, nothing.

“If the town is pushing Christmas and having a market and trying to get people into town with Santa then it seems funny there should be no lights.”

Brian Richardson said: “I believe the newest lights that are suited for purpose are with someone who is not prepared to hand them over.”

Coun Steve Bunney said that the council had found old Christmas lights but they were corroded.

He added: “The lights used to be provided by the town chamber of trade, that is no longer the case.

“Can we put it on the agenda at a future town council meeting and see if the council can take over organising the Christmas lights.”

It was also reported that a new perimeter security fence would be erected at the side of the Festival Hall following break ins and vandalism.

A parishioner asked if CCTV cameras would not be useful in “preventing youth crime”.

Mike Eckersley said: “What we need is more coppers in the Market Place, not CCTV cameras.”

Coun Steve Bunney added: “I do think there is a group that cause problems, but there is a much, much bigger group that do a lot of good.”

Only seven people have put their names forward to sit on the new council, leaving five vacancies.

Anyone interested in sitting on the new council for the coming year should contact the clerk at the Old Police Station in Dear Street as soon as possible.