Call for enforcement of town parking restrictions as drivers flout regulations

Car drivers in Brigg are flouting regulations according to town councillors.

Incidents of cars driving over the County Bridge into the pedestrianised town centre area and entering from Elwes Street were reported.

Town councillor Ben Nobbs raised issues of such access at the monthly town council meeting.

“I was stood by the Little Butchery and a car went down and parked on Bigby Street,” he told colleagues. He said the police had attended but ruled the car in question was not causing an obstruction.

Coun Nobbs went on to raise the question of who was enforcing the town centre restrictions, given parking is now under civilian monitors through North Lincolnshire Council.

“I was told no North Lincolnshire Council enforcement officer is normally on duty in Brigg in the evening,” he said.

“I am also told that North Lincolnshire cannot use the CCTV camera evidence.

“In effect if you want to park in the Market Place at night, nobody will stop you as the restrictions cannot be enforced.”

Town clerk Jeanette Woollard pointed out that only the police can use the CCTV footage.

Coun Jenny Bell responded: “If you have the evidence on incidents but cannot use it, that is ridiculous.”

Councillors called for random enforcements to be carried out by North Lincolnshire to send the message that there are restrictions on traffic entering the pedestrianised area.

Mayor Carl Sherwood, as a North Lincolnshire Councillor, will take the issues back to the unitary authority.