Caistor Town Council to rethink farmers’ markets

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The last Caistor Farmers’ Market in its current format took place at the weekend.

Caistor Town Council was told last Thursday that the markets were now not as successful as they had been when launched and members resolved to allow clerk Helen Pitman to look at revamping the event after the August break.

Mrs Pitman said: “It’s not as successful as it has been but I do not think we should beat ourselves up to much as talking to traders it is the same everywhere.

“I think it would be better to revamp it, come at it in a new way, maybe not call it a farmers’ market as now everywhere has a farmers’ market.”

The farmers’ markets/food fairs at Easter and in the autumn will still be held annually, but council members will also look at holding family fun days and more community based events in the Market Place throughout the rest of the year.

A farmers’ market was not scheduled for August anyway as on Saturday August 10 a family fun day will be held in South Street Park in support of the town’s skate park fund.

Caistor’s normal markets will not change.