Caistor drivers will soon have to watch out for SID

Speed Indicator Device EMN-150616-094756001
Speed Indicator Device EMN-150616-094756001

Caistor Town Council has confirmed its decision to buy a Speed Indicating Device (SID) for the town.

The new council last week reaffirmed a decision by the previous council to buy the device, which it will erect in Brigg Road and North Kelsey Road.

The £2434 device will be moved every few weeks and members agreed a council staff member would carry out this work, while a councillor would deal with data collected by it.

The SID records the speed of vehicles, the time vehicles are passing and tells drivers the speed they are travelling.

Councillors will use the data to inform police of which areas need to be targeted by patrols.

A similar device was recently installed on the A46 in Nettleton to try and encourage drivers to slow down while passing through the village.

The council abandoned plans to erect the device in Navigation Lane due to Lincolnshire County Council and a housing developer agreeing to their own speed reduction scheme.

“Hopefully, there will be a permanent SID on that road,” said Town Clerk Helen Pitman.