Brigg Town Council meeting round-up

Brigg news
Brigg news

Brigg Town Councillors have voted unanimously not to alter the names of war dead listed on the town’s memorial.

A suggestion had been made that alterations might be made and new names added from villages where there is no public memorial.

“We will not tinker with the war memorial,” said Town Mayor John Kitwood, himself a former senior Army officer.

Mr Kitwood also took his fellow councillors to task for their failure to support the council arranged Holocaust Ceremony in the Angel Suite Courtyard in January, when only three councillors turned up.

Coun Rob Waltham reported the White Hart wall area of the River Ancholme will benefit from a £50,000 improvement project, an initiative by the River Ancholme Trust

Criminals beware was the message after a visit to the CCTV camera control centre .

Councillors Mike Campion, Chris Dyson and Rob Waltham were unanimous in saying images picked up by cameras in and around Brigg town centre were now far better in quality than those used in the past.

“The picture quality is good, it’s about managing the cameras and camera angles - and a new camera will view Bridge Street,” added Coun Dyson.