BNP target Prescott in election campaign

David Prescott
David Prescott

The British National Party has been targeting Labour candidate David Prescott for criticism on its website.

The party has yet to decide whether to stand a candidate against him in the Gainsborough constituency, but says it “will be campaigning in West Lindsey to keep Prescott out of Parliament.”

The BNP, which claims to have launched a fledgeling West Lindsey branch, has been attacking the Labour PPC over what it reports as his “flip flops” over Middle Rasen Primary School and OFSTED, his previous attempts to be selected for a constituency, and terrorism.

BNP spokesman Simon Darby said his party is active in West Lindsey and will be “doing a lot for the local elections” but the existence of UKIP was making it harder for it to campaign on “population replacement” and attract votes.

Asked how he felt about the attention from the BNP, Prescott, a former BBC journalist, replied: “I don’t want to give them the oxygen of publicity.”