Big Brother has NOT been watching you

A GOBSMACKED mayor has revealed he did not know his town had no CCTV coverage.

Market Rasen Mayor Coun Ken Bridger spoke of his shock after finding out West Lindsey District Council was not running a CCTV system in the town.

The town council pulled its £11,000 annual maintenance funding for the £70,000 four-camera system two years ago after discovering Gainsborough’s 25-camera system is funded directly by West Lindsey council – with the cost shared across every ratepayer in the district.

Coun Bridger said: “The district council was supposed to take them over – I thought it was switched on at Gainsborough and it was working from there.

“I am a bit shocked to hear that the district council isn’t monitoring the CCTV in Market Rasen, when it takes care of all the cameras in Gainsborough – which the people of Market Rasen are paying for.”

Market Rasen’s CCTV system installed by the town council nine years ago using Regeneration Scheme funding from Lincolnshire Police, reassured residents after a spate of crime in the town.

But West Lindsey council claims it is not responsible for Market Rasen’s fibre optic system installed by the town council – only for its own broadband CCTV.

West Lindsey District Council leader Burt Keimach said: “Unlike Gainsborough, Market Rasen installed its own CCTV system and the pictures were streamed into Gainsborough.

“It cost a lot of money to run and the town council decided to pull the plug on it. The pictures continued streaming into Gainsborough for a while afterwards but no-one was monitoring it.”

But Coun Keimach says the district council would be happy to use community funding for CCTV coverage in Market Rasen – but first the town council must submit an application.

He said: “A town the size of Market Rasen needs CCTV coverage, especially at blackspots where gangsters sometimes congregate. The town’s also had recent problems with burglary.

“I’m not saying CCTV would prevent this but it would at least give us a clue as to who’s causing the trouble.”

West Lindsey’s housing, renewal and community safety service manager Grant Lockett said: “West Lindsey District Council is not responsible for the CCTV at Market Rasen.”