Apology for pothole problem

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AN APOLOGY to the people of Caistor for the complete halt of services during last month’s snowfall and the lack of urgency with which potholes have been filled has been made by Coun Tony Turner on behalf of Lincolnshire County Council.

Speaking at last Thursday’s meeting of Caistor Town Council he said that he himself had been snowed in for ten days and that although things were back to normal the job of filling the hundreds of potholes left by the bad weather was not a quick one.

He said: “I have been inundated with problems concerning potholes and also with a number of other jobs that have not been done.

“On behalf of the county council I would apologise for what has not been done.

“The county are getting round very slowly and where they have repaired the potholes it is not a very good repair. Riby drag has not been very well done and the A46 is only part done.”