Angel costs in the spotlight

BRIGG Town Council’s margin of profitability at the Angel Suite is currently ‘low’, and is causing concern among town councillors.

At the monthly property and services committee meeting, members asked about the forecast for income in the forthcoming year and expressed concern at profit levels.

Chairing the meeting, Coun James Truepenny reminded members that although management of the facility was done in a business-like manner, essentially the building provides a service to the community and most similar facilities require a subsidy from their local council.

The figures on profit and loss provided for the meeting made no reference to staff costs.

Clerk Jeanette Woollard told members that advice from the local council’s association was that all staff costs should be apportioned across all service headings and not to individual facilities, such as the Angel Suite or services the council provides.

A single budget for staff costs had been agreed by the full council.

The clerk had also recommended the weekly bowls session, mainly attended by retired people, should be treated as a service to the community by the full council and the loss not be borne out of Angel Suite running costs.

Running costs and how they are accounted for will be further considered at the next meeting, including how the bowls sessions should be underwritten.