Burt Keimach
Burt Keimach

IT SHOULD have been a simple job putting down a gel to keep pesky pigeons away from a railway bridge – but somehow West Lindsey District Council has managed to get it wrong.

A string of errors has led to pest repellent being put down on all three railway bridges in Market Rasen, even though there was only enough gel for a free trial run on the Queen Street bridge. This means the pest gel has been spread too thinly and is not keeping the pigeons away.

The news will come as a massive blow to residents who battled for years to get something done about pigeons roosting under the bridges and leaving hundreds of unsightly droppings.

West Lindsey District Council leader Burt Keimach admitted the chemical gel had not been applied properly and described it as a “failure”.

Back in September, the Rasen Mail revealed how the council had finally found what seemed to be a perfect solution to the problem – it just needed to run a trial to make sure everything worked as it should.

But, in November, Network Rail workers got the go ahead from West Linsdey District Council to plough ahead with the work and apply the pest gel to the Chapel Street, Waterloo Street and Queen Street Bridges.

The three-day operation involved road closures and temporary traffic lights being put in place – all paid for by the taxpayer.

It is not known how this confusion came about, but now residents will have to wait until the middle of next month for another trial to begin on the Queen Street bridge – and once again it is going to cost taxpayers for road closures.

A West Lindsey District Council spokesman said: “The trial was initially intended to be used for just one bridge but it was spread across three bridges in the town.

“As a result it is believed the product was spread too thinly and needs to be re-done.

“This was not known at the time of applying and no-one is to blame for this. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Network Rail for allowing the trial on their property and for going above and beyond to apply the product on the bridges.

“All parties have agreed to revert to the original plan and undertake a full scale trial to product specification upon the Queen Street Bridge.”