£6.5m to tackle pothole problem

Lincolnshire County Council has been awarded an extra £6.5m from the Department for Transport - and it has decided to use the cash to tackle potholes.

At a full council meeting, councillors voted to use the £6.5m to sort out potholes throughout the county.

The county will be split up into four areas - north, south, east and west - and each area will have a dedicated ‘hot box’ team.

These teams will tackle potholes permanently, the first time round.

Each hotbox team will use molten tarmac that is poured into a pothole and then mechanically compacted, which strengthens it.

As it cools it provides a permanent repair to the road.

At the moment potholes are not permanently repaired the first time the council is called out to deal with the problem.

Potholes are filled with a product to temporarily fix the problem.

This usually results in the council being called out again and again to repair the same pothole.

Lincolnshire County Council executive member for highways and transportation Coun William Webb said: “Each year, Lincolnshire County Council invests nearly £50 million on repairs to maintain the county’s 5,500 miles of road.

“We have ten teams who are dedicated to reactive repairs.

“We run an emergency repairs service that aims to fix particularly bad pot holes within 24 hours, although it can be very difficult to repair them in wet or cold weather.

“Over the next two years, we’ll invest a further £6.5 million to renew, repair and extend the life of roads across Lincolnshire.

“The extra funding will enable us to carry out more preventative work on our roads, so we can fix potholes before they even appear.

“We will also aim to deliver more first-time fixes.

“We encourage the public to report potholes to us so we can prioritise and schedule them for repair.”

The council applied to the government for funding and found out it had been awarded in November last year.

Coun Webb is encouraging anyone who sees a pothole, in West Lindsey or elsewhere in the county, to call Lincolnshire County Council’s highways customer service centre on 01522 782070.

Alternatively, residents can report potholes online at lincolnshire.gov.uk.

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