Police: We need taxi drivers to help us tackle courier fraud


Lincolnshire Police have asked for taxi drivers to report ‘suspicious’ passengers to them in a bid to tackle courier fraud which is currently taking place in the county.

Lincolnshire Police said: “We have a courier fraud currently active in Lincolnshire, and nationally, whereby a person is contacted by a police officer stating that your bank account or bank cards have been subject to a fraudulent activity and must be cancelled.

“The caller is actually giving out personal information of the person’s bank details as a way of gaining the person’s trust.

“They state that the victim must visit their bank and remove all cash from their account immediately and keep in safe holding until a ‘police officer’ can collect it for safe holding until the ‘fraud’ is investigated.

“The victim is asked not to speak to their bank, as the staff may be part of the fraud case.”

Police added that an 80 year old couple had recently almost fell victim to the fraud, withdrawing £4,000 from their bank account and holding it at home waiting for the ‘police officer’ to arrive.

Police were alerted to this and apprehended a 16-year-old boy who was acting as courier.

Over the last few weeks, over 20 similar incidents have been reported to police in our region.

Lincolnshire Police are now calling on taxi drivers to help them tackle further cases.

A spokesperson said: “If you are a taxi driver, please report any suspicious activity whereby persons from out of the local area are asking for directions to residential locations and are collecting a package, and then asking to return back to a train station immediately.

“You may be fed information that they are collecting a package from their auntie or relative.

“We would like to speak to any such individuals to verify their reason for such a visit, and eliminate them from any suspicious circumstances.”

• Call Police on 101 if you encounter any suspicious incidents.