Police investigate Transit Van thefts in West Lindsey

Lincolnshire Police
Lincolnshire Police

Lincolnshire Police are urging owners of Ford Transit vans to be on their guard after nine vehicles were stolen in the West Lindsey area - including Caistor - over the past four weeks.

The majority of these thefts happened in West Lindsey itself, including in Caistor, Saxilby and Reepham.

Police have also recorded incidents in North Kesteven, including van thefts in Sleaford, Metheringham, Branston and Lincoln.

A police spokesman said: “All the vans have been taken overnight by an unknown method before being driven to rural locations.

“The engines have then been removed and the vehicles burnt out.

“We need owners of these vehicles to be extra vigilant and support anything they believe to be suspicious.”

• To make a report, call 101.