Police & Crime Commissioner: ‘My blueprint to tackle crime’

Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, Marc Jones ANL-170703-182619001
Police and Crime Commissioner for Lincolnshire, Marc Jones ANL-170703-182619001

A new blueprint for tackling crime and supporting victims has been unveiled by Lincolnshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner Marc Jones.

The plan, called Safer Together, sets out Mr Jones’ priorities for the next four years.

In the Community Safety, Policing and Criminal Justice Plan for Lincolnshire, Mr Jones reveals the actions he will be taking to help ensure communities stay safe.

A crucial element is a drive for improved collaboration between the public, councils, health organisations and emergency bodies to ensure the best possible services across the county.

The blueprint is built around four key principles – community safety and prevention in partnership; listening and responding; protecting and supporting victims and the vulnerable; and policing that works.

Among the actions set out in the plan are:

• Create a single joined up approach to reducing offending and re-offending and establish integrated offender management to tackle our most challenging and prolific offenders;

• Create a coherent approach to managing offenders released from prison to maximise the chance of rehabilitation and reduce re-offending;

• Support for citizen involvement through volunteers and ‘watch’ schemes;

• Support neighbourhood policing, backed by specialist support, that works with their communities to identify, prevent and tackle crime;

• Invest in appropriate equipment to meet the varied needs of policing a large and diverse county.

Mr Jones said: “There’s no doubt we have set out an ambitious plan for the next four years but I am determined that Lincolnshire has the very best services possible.”

• To read the full plan for Lincolnshire go to https://lincolnshire-pcc.gov.uk/home/