Planting pledge at Caistor Rock

Caistor Rock Foundation EMN-190511-084554001
Caistor Rock Foundation EMN-190511-084554001

Nearly three quarters of a million trees are winging their way across the UK as part of the Woodland Trust’s Big Climate Fightback.

Almost 4,000 schools and community groups will be taking delivery of the free saplings over the next two weeks, with more than 53,000 being allocated to 330 East Midlands groups.

While each group has its own reasons for planting, every tree will count towards the Trust’s campaign to help tackle climate change.

One of those taking part is the Rock Foundation at Caistor.

They will receive 420 saplings, which they will be planting to form hedges bordering the carpark and play area, connecting up existing hedgerows.

The Big Climate Fightback aims to get more than a million people to pledge to plant a tree on the run up to a mass day of planting across the UK on November 30. Everyone that applied for a tree pack will be added to the list of pledges.

John Tucker, director of woodland outreach, at the Woodland Trust said: “Tree planting has never been higher on the social and political agenda.

“From school children to MPs, people are waking up to the message that trees are a big part of the solution to tackling climate change.

“Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, as well as filtering out other harmful pollutants from the air that we all breathe.

“Quite simply we need more of them.”