Plans for 350 homes

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A bumper housing project for up to 350 homes has just been proposed as planners begin a two year consultation on housing needs until 2036.

The application, centred on Welton, from Beal Developments comes as West Lindsey joined neighbouring councils in discussing their Central Lincolnshire District Plan on Monday.

Market Rasen Town Council will also hear further details of David Nelstrop’s proposals for up to 150 homes south of the town when its Planning Committee meets tonight, 6pm, Festival Hall Committee Room.

Beal Developments seeks outline planning permission for the homes on a 70-acre site off Prebend Lane.

Social housing, such as homes for the elderly, has also been proposed as part of the project.

The proposed development would also incorporate open spaces and include provision of land for a potential expansion to Manor Park Playing Fields.

The housing types would be mixed, of varying sizes and all tenures. However, details would be determined in a further planning application.

Though the proposal departs from current development plans, the development would help West Lindsey and Central Lincolnshire meet their targets for housing growth. The houses would also be close to existing facilities, said their application.

Welton district councillor Malcolm Parish has previously opposed other housing proposals saying they would put too much strain on the roads and other facilities in the village.

But having seen the Beal plans and attended village meetings on the project, he was “probably in favour.”

“It’s not just a case of building a load of houses,” he said.

Coun Parish said the plans include flats for the elderly sited around a cricket square “in a nice setting.”

He has been to see sheltered housing run by LACE Housing, a non-profit company, who might end up running the flats, and says they were “well-run, like a hotel.”

“We don’t just want more houses. We want something out of it,” he said, saying Welton’s village junior school and healh centre was already oversubscribed.

People often oppose development, but if it has to happen, it must “give the village things that are desperately needed.”

There was still much to discuss over the proposal, but Coun Parish said he knew Beal Developments and they are a “decent firm to work with.”

However, Coun Parish says he will help neighbouring Dunholme Parish Council in opposing 60 homes in their village as it has no facilities to support them.