Picture Gallery: Grasby Sculpture Weekend

Grasby sculpture weekend proved to be a fantastic success, with visitors coming from all over the county and even further afield.

A total of 28 sculptures were on display, showing a huge amount of creativity and imagination from families and local groups.

Organisers believe this was the first of its kind in the country, where all the exhibits had been created and displayed by local people in their own village.

The response from all visitors was overwhelming and they were full of admiration for what had been achieved.

And everyone who went around the sculpture trail had the opportunity to vote for their favourite.

The overall winner was ‘Canned Fish’ created by Joan Downing of 3 Front Street.

Her sculpture was made entirely from crafted drinks cans and depicted a narwhal, accompanied by other fish and marine creatures.

Organisers of the event believe this is the first of its kind in the country where all of the exhibits have been created and displayed by local people in their own village.

T”he event was always intended to be something to bring the community together and to give it a common sense of purpose and we achieved this to the full,” said John Ruthven.

“There were groups of people walking around the village throughout the two days and there was a constant buzz of interest and conversation everywhere you went.

“There is so much momentum behind this that we are already planning ahead to next years event, and people are sharing their ideas about what they can create.

“We really seem to have hit on a winning idea with our Sculpture Weekend and the people of Grasby feel proud to have been the first to have done it.”