Petition set up in a bid to save ‘lifeline’


Residents of a sheltered housing complex in Middle Rasen have set up a petition to fight plans to scrap their on-site warden.

Braemar Close is one of nine schemes for the elderly and disabled across West Lindsey who will lose their wardens after Lincolnshire County Council pulled £250,000 of funding it gave to the Acis Group to run them.

“Some residents are very vulnerable and this will leave them even more vulnerable,” said Charles Patrick, Vicar of Middle Rasen, who is giving his full support to the campaign to save the wardens.

“Having the warden on site fulfils a lot of needs for the residents of sheltered housing - it is a lifeline that should not be taken away.

“The wardens notice when something is not quite right and extra care is needed - now that will be one step removed.

“Sheltered housing is a kind of halfway house between living totally independently and living in nursing or residential care.

“People moved in to these complexes because that safety net was there and now that is being taken away.

“It is a very grave situation, as there will inevitably be some people who will be unable to stay in their sheltered accommodation and will be transferred into residential care.”

As previously reported, a county-wide ‘wellbeing service’ will be set up, which the council says will support even more people.

But campaigners feel this will not be sufficient and the decision to axe the wardens, which they say was made without “proper consultation and care”, should be reversed.

The petition reads: “The county council has at short notice, and without proper consultation, decided to withdraw the funding that allows vulnerable people in sheltered accommodation to have a warden to assist them.

“We believe that it is very much against the interests of this very important part of our community and will lead to increased pressure on other services, including the 999, doctors, ambulance, district nurses and other care services.”

The petition is supported by fellow sheltered housing residents at Market Rasen’s Lammas Leas and Fletcher Court, as well as those at Dale View in Caistor, who will all be affected.

Petitions are available to sign at Braemar Close, Crossroads Stores and the parish church in Middle Rasen, Newtoft Social Club, Fletcher Court and Lammas Leas in Market Rasen and at Parkview Motors in Gallamore Lane.

There is also an online 
petition which can be found at