Petition launched against the controversial pay and display plan for Market Rasen

Pay and Display car park
Pay and Display car park

Almost 1,000 people have signed a petition opposing a controversial plan to introduce car parking charges in Market Rasen.

The petition, set up by businessman Adrian Campbell, got 300 signatures on the first day.

Market Rasen EMN-160425-071404001

Market Rasen EMN-160425-071404001

And Mr Campbell, who runs documentary firm Planes TV, in King Street, says it is ‘the biggest issue’ to hit the town in the past decade.

Both traders and residents have thrown their support behind Mr Campbell’s petition, which will be handed in to West Lindsey District Council before a public consultation ends on Friday, May 20.

WLDC wants to charge people to park in the town’s John Street, Festival Hall and Kilnwell Road car parks, saying the scheme will generate additional income and increase the turnover of car parking spaces.

But Mr Campbell thinks the proposal is flawed.

He said: “I’m not sure this is going to help businesses. As a businessman in Rasen, there are other ways you can help businesses with car parking, before charging - laying out the car parks differently to create more spaces.

“It’s the biggest issue to affect Rasen in 10 years, it’s huge.”

Mr Campbell believes more research needs to be done before any charges come into force - and says he would like the district council to come up with some different proposals.

The move comes after East Lindsey District Council reversed its decision to charge for car parking after uproar from residents.

But WLDC wants to have ticket machines in place by the summer.

It is estimated the scheme would generate an additional £50k for the council but it would cost £65,000 to put into action. And there will also be an ongoing annual £31,000 cost to cover enforcement, operating and maintenance costs.

Charges will range from 30p for up to one hour to £1.95 for six or more hours. And there will be free parking after 3pm.

WLDC leader Jeff Summers said: “The council actively considers petitions and if one is presented to the council it will be considered.”

To have your say on the proposals go to or call 01427 676676.