Peter Reginald Richardson

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The funeral service for Peter Reginald Richardson of Caistor was held at the parish church.

The Rev Canon Ian Robinson officiated at the service and arrangements were by J W Varlow and Son.

Immediate mourners at the service were: Patricia Richardson (wife); Wayne Richardson (son); Jason and Geraldine Richardson (son and daughter-in-law); Joshua Richardson (grandson); Hannah Richardson (granddaughter); Barbara Byrne (mother).

Others present in the congregation were: Julie Noble, Denise Jameson, Deb Robinson (sisters); Mr and Mrs M Overson (sister and brother-in-law); Liam Overson, Tom Urech-Wright (nephews); Warwick and Sam Davis (nephew and wife); Amy Urech-Wright (niece); Annabel Davis; Harrison Davis; Amber Bourne; Tyler Urech-Wright; Jean Richardson (née Ford); Roy Ford; Michael Overson; Jean Allen; Paula Pell; Jake Pell; Yasmin Shah; Tony Beattie; Phil Hart; Joanne Etherington; Paddy Kane Jnr; Trina Thompson (rep White Hart); Rick Sandham (rep Mary Sandham, White Hart); Fran Couling (rep Arthur); Rowland Walker; Jean Garner (rep M Burkitt); Richard Garner; Dave and Viv Clarke; Mike Clayton (rep Joyce Clayton); Terry McKitton (rep Debbie); Ryan McKitton; Geoff Hand (rep Kath, family); Paula Teal (rep Nettleton Manor Nursing Home); Billy King; Alan Hooker (rep Annie and Doreen Hooker); Mrs G White (rep Mr G White); Lisa Kelly (rep Sean Kelly); Cliff Rust; Neil Spencer; Ray and Kath Thompson; Colin Smith; Mr and Mrs S Mason (rep Robert and Paul Mason); Gina Howden (rep Paul Howden); David Welton; Eric Snell; Sue and Ian Walters; Dawn Robert, Gary Walters, Merv Chask (rep Paragon); John Burns-Salmond (rep Cherry, Ralph Allan); Paul Hannoth; Phil and Theresa Jollands; Mr and Mrs G Cumberland; Gordon Barr; Tony Kelly (rep Diane Kelly); Tony Wells; Dave Thompson (rep Sue Thompson); Lyn Walton; Ray Smith; George Broe (rep Mrs Broe); Stuart and Wendy Burdett; Mr and Mrs Gilboy; Keith Watts; Mr and Mrs J Pearson (rep Anne, Dave, Sarah McKay); Kieron, Dave and Marie Sykes; Derek Fox; John Hulse; Graham Soar; Wayne and Catherine Wells; Steven Doulby; Kevin and Jean Goodhand (rep Rex Brumpton, Goodhand family); James Goodhand; Rosanna Rice; Ian King; Bex Hamilton (rep Alan Eastwood); Mandy Wells; Nigel Wells; Darren Wells; Stephanie Wells; Laura Overson; Keyleigh Ardito; Tony and Carol Wilbor; Bob and Pam Cripps; Louise Ingle; Chris and Cath Bettany; Lee Wells; Fred Wells; Mike Drury; Steve and Wendy Over; Michael Thomas (rep Pete and Eve Thomas); Simon Hill; Diane Saunder; Craig Tappenden; John Howden (rep Mr D Lewis and family, Mr E Lewis and family, Mrs L Howden); Graham Lockington; Paul Day; Peter and Susan Curwen; Susan Reeves; Arron Reeves; Jonathan and Lorna Cushnie; Mr Niland; Danielle Thompson; Kerry Withers (rep Mr Withers); Ray and Janet Hurst (rep family); David and Jill Naylor; Colin and Karen Walker; Phil Walker; Martin Rojahn; Arthur and Sandra Dean; Don Morgan; Bill and Lyn Banks; Mr and Mrs L Smith; Rob and Sandra Cadle; Brian and Carol Griffiths; Tulin Hope; Jody Hope; Mark and Gail Hooker; Alan Smith (rep family); Mr C R Clark (rep Olga); Len Hope (rep Craig and Sarah Farmery); Mrs G Smith; Mr M Smith; Dawn Leonard; Chris and Yvonne Hall; Mr and Mrs Clark (rep Elizabeth); Adrian Soar; Susan Hasnip; Ian Martin; Lyn Driffill (rep Chris); Marc Cumberland; Luke Cumberland; Anne Mumby (rep John Mumby); Mr M Gower; Mr P Courte (rep M Piggott); Jill Somerscales (rep Alan Somerscales, Roger Houghton); Faye Hulme (rep Carl Wilson); Colin Rust (rep Geoff Twidale); Mr S Mennell; Bruce MacIver; Steve and Julie Wells; Peter Castle; Steve Walton; Tina Earls; Bob Earls; Mr A Smith (rep Mrs Smith); Mr Cearnes; Mr and Mrs Dowman; Alan Kay; Darren McKay (rep John Patterson); Jim and Cath Pearson; Mark and Heather Bonner; John and Sandra Wright (rep H C Wright); Janet Hyde (rep Duncan Kliffor); Wendy Wells (rep Rosemary Suddaby, Kath and Anthony Martin); Keith King (rep Lesley King); Martin Moody (rep Theresa Moody); Emma Waterman; Graham Reed.