‘Youngsters are putting their lives at risk’

  • Police vow to take action to combat ASB

Lincolnshire Police have urged residents to report any incidents of anti social behaviour in Market Rasen, amid claims some youngsters are ‘out all hours’ and risking their own lives by ‘scooting’ in front of cars.

Market Rasen Deputy Mayor Steve Bunney raised the issue of anti social behaviour (ASB) when he spoke at the September meeting of the town council.

Coun Bunney revealed he had received complaints about the behaviour of ‘two or three youngsters’ in particular.

He suggested ways of tackling issues could include installing CCTV cameras on the town’s Mill Road playing field - and anti social behaviour orders.

Coun Bunney told the meeting: “There’ve been a number of complaints coming to me recently from young people of about eight, to more mature years, quite concerned by the behaviour of two or three youngsters over the last few weeks.

“These young people on scooters are on roads messing about, being awkward.

“This is to do with young children out all hours it appears.

“It’s not just language, it’s wheeling around in the middle of the road in front of cars, really not taking due respect of what they’re doing for other people and putting themselves at risk.

“We need to be doing something about it.

“We should not have that in our town.”

Coun Bunney went on to mention the possiblity of a CCTV camera on the Mill Road playing field and anti social behaviour orders.

Coun Bunney added: “We as a council might have to be looking at some sort of social order to control what’s going on.

“It’s getting to a point where it’s wrong.”

Community Inspector Nigel Key, of Lincolnshire Police, urged residents to report any incidents of ASB.

In a statement, he said: “We take all forms of anti-social behaviour seriously.

“If anyone does have any concerns about anti-social behaviour in Market Rasen, please contact your local neighbourhood policing teams on 101, or via your local police station, and we will take appropriate action.”