You would ‘naan’ believe it! Wragby Post Office set to re-open - in popular Indian restaurant

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Don’t be surprised if customers soon pop into the Turnor Arms in Wragby and order a chicken balti, a side of saag aloo – and a book of stamps!

The Turnor Arms already provides a popular Indian and Eglish themed restaurant and bar.

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However, from February 5, it will also be the ‘home’ of Wragby’s new Post Office.

The village has been without a post office recently, meaning residents and business owners have had to travel to East Barkwirth, Langworth or even Horncastle.

Now, the Turnor has come to the rescue.

Owner Mohammed Ullah said: “It is good news for Wragby.

The old Post Office where it had been for over 140 years. Picture: John Edwards.

The old Post Office where it had been for over 140 years. Picture: John Edwards.

“It was our district councillor Julie Platt who approached me and asked if we would consider it and I said yes – it was an
 absolute no-brainer for me.

“Councillor Platt got in touch with the Post Office and representatives came to The Turnor Arms and had a couple of chats with me to see what I thought and we took it from there.

“They had a look at whether the venue was suitable or not.

“They are quite happy.”

The opening hours for the ‘hosted’ service will be Wednesdays 1pm to 3pm and Fridays 9.30am to 11.30am.

Mr Ullah added: “I know it is only a couple of days a week but it will give a lot of locals who can’t drive the opportunity to pop in.

“I’ve had a lady come in who deals with 40-50 parcels a week.

“She usually goes to Horncastle but now she can come here.

“Hopefully, it will bring a little bit of business for me.

“I won’t be charging the Post Office service to use our electricity.

“We’ve had a great reaction after announcing the news on social media.”

Coun Platt said: “During my election campaign, it became apparent the lack of post office services was of great concern to local residents .

“The return of the Post Office will be of great benefit to many people who are not able to drive or use public transport.

“Hopefully, it will offer a multitude of services and social opportunities for residents.”

In a statement, a Post Office spokesperson said: “We know how much people rely on our services.

“We are committed to restoring a Post Office service to Wragby as soon as possible.

“We are currently finalising plans to re-open a branch in February. Further details will be announced in the near future. In the meantime alternative branches include East Barkwith and Langworth.”

• It is all change as The Turnor Arms also boasts a new function room as Mr Ullah prepares to celebrate two years in charge. He thanked everyone for their support.