“Why we’re proud to live in ‘rude’ Fanny Hands Lane”

Janette Hill outside her home in Fanny Hands Lane EMN-140303-095301004
Janette Hill outside her home in Fanny Hands Lane EMN-140303-095301004

Ludford’s Fanny Hands Lane has been named the UK’s third rudest street name with houses worth about £80k less - but residents strongly disagree.

Research by needaproperty.com revealed 24.9 per cent of people would be embarrassed to live in Fanny Hands Lane.

Fanny Hands Lane EMN-140303-095313004

Fanny Hands Lane EMN-140303-095313004

And it found a detached house in this street was worth about £157,200 - £79,787 less than a similar property in the nearby Magna Mile.

But 72-year-old resident Janette Hill thinks the research is a load of rubbish.

Janette - who bought her home with her now deceased partner back in 2007 - said: “We didn’t even think about the street name when we bought the house. We loved the garden and the lane is lovely.

“We do get people coming to look at the sign and take photographs.

“One time when I rang the bank and said where I lived, they said ‘you’re having a laugh aren’t you?’ but they checked the postcode and realised I was serious.

“I don’t see how the street name can affect the house, it’s what you see in the property itself that affects the value.”

Victor Bailes, 71, moved to Fanny Hands Lane last October. He said: “I didn’t think twice about the name of the lane - and I haven’t had any reaction from people.

“There are far worse names around.”

Resident Chris Hawthorn, 67, said: “It’s absolutely not true. There’ve been enough houses bought and sold along this lane all for their market price.

“And they’ve all sold fairly quickly. None of them have taken as long as the houses on the main road (Magna Mile).

“The name certainly didn’t put me off, it’s part of the history.

“And people know where it is, which is helpful when you’re having things delivered.”

Would you live in Fanny Hands Lane?

Fanny Hands Lane is said to have got its name in the early 19th century when land owner John Hands married a girl called Frances.

In those days a lot of people called Frances were known as Fanny.

And so John named the lane after his wife, Fanny Hands.

But other ‘embarrassing’ street names have less history.

The top 15, identified in the research, are: 1. Minge Lane, Worcestershire 2. Slag Lane, Lancashire 3. Fanny Hands Lane, Lincolnshire 4. Bell End, West Midlands 5. Crotch Crescent, Oxfordshire 6. The Knob, Northamptonshire 7. Turkey Cock Lane, Essex 8. Cockshoot Close, Oxfordshire 9. Cumming Street, London 10. Cock-A-Dobby, Berkshire 11. Cock Lane, London 12.Clitterhouse Road, London 13. Cock and Bell Lane, Suffolk 14. Beaver Close, Surrey 15. Cold Blow Lane, London.

The research, which polled more than 2,000 British adults, found 60 per cent of people would be put off living in a street if it had a name they considered embarrassing.

Researchers found people could save on average £84,000 by living in a street with the rudest, most embarrassing names.