Why Rasen council needs your voice this Saturday...

Have your say on parking charges EMN-170406-185610001
Have your say on parking charges EMN-170406-185610001

Market Rasen’s Mayor John Matthews has urged people to take up a ‘prime opportunity’ to give feedback on car parking charges this Saturday.

The town council has set up a town meeting for this Saturday (June 10) to commence at 10.30 am in the church room off the market place in Market Rasen.

Parking machine in John Street car park EMN-170419-162933001

Parking machine in John Street car park EMN-170419-162933001

The meeting’s purpose is to allow residents the chance to air their views and personal experience of the parking charges which were recently introduced to the town by West Lindsey District Council at the beginning of the year.

Coun Matthews is proposing to ‘gather and collate’ the comments given by residents to present to WLDC - ahead of their review of the car parking policy in September.

Coun Matthews said: “We, the town council, have on-going meetings with WLDC and they have asked that the Car Parking Strategy is a permanent agenda item.

“The next meeting is June 13.

“They are set to review their car parks policy in September.

“If our folk want a voice and want their opinions to be driven by the town council then Saturday is a prime opportunity.

“It’s an open forum for people to share their thoughts or direct experience.”

Over the last few months, many residents, business owners and campaigners have decried the introductionof parking charges as the destruction of one of Market Rasen’s unique selling points.

Others have brushed off the charges - which start at 30 pence for an hour - as inexpensive, and have pointed out that the charges cease to be in force after 3pm.

However, Coun Matthews has noted that changes can only be put forward if people take part in the meeting.

He said: “We will gather and collate the information and pass it on to West Lindsey.

“If people don’t turn up - we can’t help.”