Why changes will help Rasen re-build

Adrian Campbell
Adrian Campbell

A leading campaigner in the fight for fairer car parking charges in Market Rasen has welcomed the changes proposed by West Lindsey District Council.

Only last week, Adrian Campbell revealed the results of a survey which he claims revealed the extent of the damage by the introduction of parking charges.

But, following last Tuesday’s WLDC meeting when the changes were recommended, Mr Campbell said: “True to their word, WLDC has reviewed the effect of charging for car parking in Market Rasen and they have accepted that the hundreds of local objectors were right all along.

“They said car park charging would badly damage the town, and it has.

“Giving us two hours free is a start to rebuilding 
Market Rasen as a commercial centre.

“Better still though, I am delighted to learn WLDC has a ‘Three Year Vision’ to improve the sustainability and attractiveness of the town.”

Speaking in last week’s Rasen Mail about the decision to introduce parking charges earlier this year, Mr Campbell said: “Instead of a win-win, it’s been a lose-lose for businesses, and a survey we have just completed estimates that loss at £250,000 a year. “

Mr Campbell has a BSc in Business Management, a post graduate qualification in marketing, and specific training and experience in market research.

Findings from the survey show that 76 per cent of 76 business respondents said car park charges had ‘damaged Market Rasen town centre retailers’ and that 59 per cent of 56 respondents said ‘takings have gone down’ since January 30 when car park charging began.

Mr Campbell added: “From the empty spaces in the car parks, it is clear to see why the council now admits they are not making a profit but only just about covering running costs.

“But WLDC did promise a review and officers are now proposing a change that, if councillors approve it, will introduce free parking for the first two hours.”

As Mr Campbell pointed out, the changes have still to be ratified by a WLDC committee. Like other residents and business owners, he will be keen to see details of what WLDC proposes in 
its ‘Three Year Vision’.