UK’s largest red nose is no joke!

The 38 metre-wide tank will be turned into the UK's largest red nose on Friday
The 38 metre-wide tank will be turned into the UK's largest red nose on Friday
  • Spridlington plant ready to light up the Lincolnshire sky as part of Comic Relief fun day event

Across the country, people will be doing crazy things for Comic Relief, and one local farm is looking to create the UK’s biggest red nose.

Grange Farm Energy in Spridlington is preparing to get in the red and light up its domed digester tank on Friday.

The biogas plant, run by the green gas pioneers at Future Biogas, has a circular main tank that is 38m in diameter and 17m at its highest point.

When lit up red, it will become the biggest red nose since Red Nose Day began in 1988.

The illumination of the plant as a red nose, at 7pm, will be the climax of a ‘family fun event’ fundraising event being run for the local community in support of the anti-poverty charity.

Philipp Lukas, founder and managing director of Future Biogas said: “We pride ourselves on being an ethical company. Not only do we operate at the very forefront of the green energy revolution, we also work in close partnership with the communities in which our plants are located.

“Their goodwill is of the upmost importance to us. This fun, family event will allow us to welcome our neighbours in Spridlington onto our site – so they can join us in making a difference to people’s lives, both here in the UK and internationally, by raising vital funds for Comic Relief.

“As well as learning how we make green gas from local crops, I trust they will enjoy pelting me and my colleagues with digestate – which might look noxious but is entirely harmless!

“The culmination of the event is going to be a grand switch-on of the UK’s biggest ever Red Nose. We can’t wait to light up the Lincolnshire sky for such a fantastic cause.”

There will be a whole host of activities for the specially-invited local people and their families to enjoy too from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.

These include: ‘Splat the management’, which will see the senior team from Future Biogas dressing up in red swimsuits before being pelted with digestate, the harmless goo leftover in an anaerobic digestion tank after crops and waste have been fermented to create green energy, in return for a donation to Comic Relief.

Those arriving in good time will be able to enjoy a personalised tour of the biogas plant, with expert operatives explaining the biogas process from start to finish. For the younger guests, there will be an entertainer and, of course, there will be refreshments.

Chris Holmes, co-lead investment adviser at John Laing Environmental Assets Group said: “We are delighted that Future Biogas is pulling out all the stops for Red Nose Day.

“This initiative, while hopefully raising a significant amount of money for Comic Relief, also demonstrates the close links between the company and the local community and I look forward to meeting many of the visitors to the site on the day.”