Traffic chaos as the area sees a ‘spike’ in collisions

John Siddle, Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership EMN-151130-130451001
John Siddle, Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership EMN-151130-130451001
  • Several motorists are injured after a series of crashes around the Rasen area

As Rasen has two major crashes, in as many days, and several single-vehicle incidents, we ask - are our roads getting more dangerous?

On Friday afternoon (November 27), a couple had to be cut from their car after a crash in Gainsborough Road, Middle Rasen, at about 3.45pm.

About 45 minutes later, a driver left the road in Caistor Road at Middle Rasen and had to be taken to Lincoln County Hospital.

The previous day, a three vehicle pile up on the A46 at Snarford caused major disruption as the road was closed for several hours (see page 7).

And on Saturday morning, another car left the road, at Fonaby Top, Caistor - the driver was not injured.

The Rasen Mail spoke to John Siddle, from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership, to find out if our roads are becoming more dangerous - and what drivers can do to stay safe.

Mr Siddle told the Mail: “There’s been a spike in collisions but not massively so.

“Overall, collisions, year on year, are coming down.

“Fatal crashes have plateaued around the 50 mark.

“Hopefully in time we should see a drop in these incidents.”

And Mr Siddle said it was not just snow and ice that causes problems for drivers.

He said: “In terms of drivers and driving around Lincolnshire, at this time of year the weather isn’t good but it’s not so obviously bad that you would take more care.

“There’s a lot of farm waste and a lot of debris on the road.

“It’s not always about ice and snow.

“If you can afford it, get your car checked over to make sure it’s in as good condition as it can be.

“Perhaps look at winter tyres at this time of year.

“They are a good investment, however we understand not everyone can affordthem.

“If you can’t, you need to take even more care of your tyres.”

Mr Siddle said police were still investigating the A46 crash on Thursday and the Gainsborough Road crash on Friday.

And he said this meant he could not comment specifically on those incidents.

l Do you think the roads in and around Market Rasen are becoming more dangerous?

What do you think should be done to improve road safety and cut the number of incidents on our roads?

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