Trade in Caistor is being ‘decimated’

Conflicting signs just feet away from each other  EMN-170420-130255001
Conflicting signs just feet away from each other EMN-170420-130255001

A Caistor businessman has warned trade in the town is being ‘decimated’ by confusing parking signs.

Rick Sandham spoke out at Thursday’s Caistor Town Council meeting after he claimed 17 tickets were issued the previous day in Caistor market place.

Mr Sandham told councillors the reason the tickets had been handed out were conflicting signs on parking restrictions, one of which refers to the Wednesday market which hasn’t run for some time.

Mr Sandham said: “It is absolutely criminal; people are coming into town and getting a parking ticket.

“I saw one old lady who didn’t know where to put herself when she got the ticket.

“Nobody is objecting to the two hour limit, but the signs are confusing...and it is completely decimating the trade in the town.”

The signs refer to an area of the market place where market stalls are put up.

One sign shows a limit of a maximum of two hours parking, together with ‘no parking’ on Wednesday and Saturday, while just feet away another sign shows the two hour limit but makes no reference to further restrictions.

While the market place is owned by the town council, the signs have been put up by Lincolnshire County Council.

Caistor Town Clerk Helen Pitman said: “ It is not just a case of us taking down the sign. I have spoken to the company who do the enforcement and to the LCC parking officer, who is now investigating the matter.”

A spokesman for Lincolnshire Highways said: “We carry out parking enforcement on behalf of Caistor Town Council in the Market Place, and can confirm four tickets were issued on 12 April, not 17.

“The town council has raised the issue of the signage and layout in this area, and we are in contact with them.

“If anyone feels they have been unfairly ticketed, there is an appeal process outlined on the back of the ticket.”