‘Thousands wasted on care home bills’

Isobel Law EMN-151130-091746001
Isobel Law EMN-151130-091746001
  • Claims council is spending an ‘unnecessary’ £450-a-week

Lincolnshire County Council has paid out nearly £10,000 in care home costs - for a resident who no longer needs to be there and is “desperate” to go home, it has been claimed.

Isobel Law, 79, went into The Laurels care home at Holton Cum Beckering after a spell in hospital.

At the end of June she felt ready to leave and return to her bungalow in Market Rasen, but five months on she is still there.

LCC cannot get a carer to help Isobel with meals at home - so instead is paying £450 a week for the home, daughter Julia Law claims.

Julia has described the situation as “absolutely bonkers” and questioned the economic sense of the decision.

She said: “It’s a ridiculous situation. All the cutbacks, all the money savings and then they’re throwing money away on a care home that is unnecessary.

“She’s so desperate to get home.”

Julia says her mum is unhappy as she does not have many people to talk to.

She said: “I just wonder how many of our elderly population are being neglected, forced into living in places that are making them unhappy, unable to live amongst their family and friends in environments that offer the comfort of familiarity.”

Isobel has type two diabetes, arthritis and is asthmatic.

She needs four care visits per day, for things like meals and taking medication.

Julia said: “She’s still having to pay bills on her house, it’s expensive for mum but it’s actually ridiculously expensive for the council.

“It’s costing them an awful lot.

“It would cost a lot less to employ someone to help her.

“It’s bonkers, absolutely bonkers.

“She’s been in this care home waiting for a care package for nearly five months.

“We’ve had meetings with her key workers and have been trying to push them but they can’t find people to put a package in.”

A Lincolnshire County Council spokesman said they were not able to comment on Isobel’s individual circumstances.

Lincolnshire County Council’s county manager for adult frailty and long term conditions, Carolyn Nice, said: “Our priority is to make sure that people are safe and their needs are being met.

“Sometimes that means offering a period of respite care in a residential home while a home care package is arranged.

“We work to get people home as quickly as possible and we assess people 
on an individual 

“Our assessment teams look at the person’s needs and what other support they have in place and those people with the highest needs and least support are prioritised for care packages.

“Social workers are on hand to work closely with the person and their family throughout.”