‘Take action before someone is killed’

Residents demand safety measures
Residents demand safety measures

Terrified residents say huge lorries mounting the path to pass through their narrow road come inches away from knocking over pedestrians - and they want action before someone is killed.

People living in Market Rasen’s Dear Street say parked cars reduce their road to a narrow single lane, and they are fed up with large vehicles putting lives at risk to bypass the traffic lights on the town’s main street.

Large vehicles are passing front doors with inches to spare

Large vehicles are passing front doors with inches to spare

One resident, who has recently moved to the area, said: “My biggest concern is for the children walking on the path.

“Being a new resident to the area I was shocked the first few times I walked down there.

“I’d be happy if it was a one-way road.

“It’s terrifying walking the dog down there - it’s not safe.

“When the big vehicles mount the path you’re a couple of inches from their wing mirrors

“Hopefully, the council will realise this is dangerous.

“I know for a fact an accident is going to happen - I expect to come around the corner one day with the road closed because a kid has been knocked over.

“Will someone have to get killed before something is done?”

Dear Street resident Ray Ogg is also concerned and believes bollards to stop vehicles driving on the pavement could be the answer.

He said: “I noticed last week a 52 seater [bus] passing the new houses opposite 23,25,27 entrance, six inches from their front door, if they had stepped out they would have been run over.

“On a race day this road is used as a rat run to the racecourse… [it’s] horrendous.

“Then we come to the new leisure centre to be developed on the A631, again more people will travel along Dear Street to access it, it avoids the three traffic lights on the main street.

And Mr Ogg said even cars are forced to drive on the wrong side of the road at the corner of Dear Street - because it is just too narrow.

Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership spokesman John Siddle said: “It is clearly a narrow road with cars parked legally.

“Bus companies will have carried out a risk assessment for that route, if hauliers use that route they would do similar assessments if it is local and used regularly.

“Traffic for the racetrack can be advised to not use the route however, they cannot be forced to use the longer route.

“If the size of vehicle is an issue, I suggest they approach Highways for a weight restriction to be applied.”

At the time of going to press, Lincolnshire County Council had not responded to a request for a comment.