Tackling drugs big priority for Rasen’s new police officer

Market Rasen Police office EMN-190804-115750001
Market Rasen Police office EMN-190804-115750001

Market Rasen’s new community beat officer said tackling drug issues is a top priority despite the pressure on police resources.

Speaking at Market Rasen Town Council’s monthly meeting on Wednesday (April 3), PC Emma Devlin said tackling drugs was a big priority in Market Rasen at the moment.

PC Devlin said: “It’s my responsibility to get accustomed with what’s going on in Market Rasen.

“We really are working with what we’ve got to the best of our ability, with limited resources.

“Drugs are a priority at the moment, a big priority for myself because of an issue in Market Rasen at the moment.

“Two individuals, big drug dealers, have been recalled into prison - that’s one problem solved for the time being.

“There have been a few [recent] assaults and a robbery as well.

“It’s becoming increasingly difficult with the numbers we’ve got.

“Officers are being drafted in from Lincoln or Gainsborough - and they don’t have the local knowledge.”

Coun Steve Bunney told PC Devlin: “It’s become more complicated to find time to get hold of the beat officer or the PCSOs.

“As we’ve got less officers now, there has to come some priorities, and it would be 
useful at some stage to know what the priorities would be now.

“What would be low down the pecking order?

“The third issue is to do with traffic - there’s a number of people complaining about traffic.”

PC Devlin said: “If it’s a road traffic collision, that goes straight to the control room.

“If there’s a pressing need for speed humps that would be the neighbourhood policing team.

“Parking restrictions - we tend to not get involved in these because of a lack of resources.

She added: “I’m more than happy to be made aware of speeding hot spots.

“We have people who are very au fait with the speed guns.

“If I can’t be there, I can arrange for a colleague.”

Mayor Councillor John Matthews said he 
understood the pressures the team was under - but that 
he would like to arrange regular meetings with police officers.

PC Devlin, who previously worked in Caistor, said 
officers there published a monthly newsletter to keep residents informed of the 
latest issues.

PC Devlin also agreed regular meetings with councillors would be useful going forward.